Lethbridge Stone Slinging Services

Fast, precise gravel delivery

Avoid hours of hauling gravel, soil and mulch with our Lethbridge and area Stone Slinger Services

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Gravel hauling shouldn’t take up half the job.

But when you can’t get the truck in close, your crew is stuck wheeling gravel back and forth for hours, even days.

Cut time by moving that gravel right to the worksite with our stone slinger. It moves material through tight spaces and over obstacles so you can get it delivered right where you need it without the bottleneck of the wheelbarrow or a skid steer.

Now you’re moving quickly, getting the project done faster and cheaper

Works with aggregates, screened rock, topsoil, mulch, sand and much more

Reach further

Delivers material up to 80' from the truck, and even over one-storey homes

Precision in tight spaces

Easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces where room is limited

Finish quicker

Gets the job done faster by avoiding manual delivery and multiple trips

Reduce cost

Cuts down on hours and labourers by delivering material right where you want it

Accurate placement and depth

Delivers and spreads material to the right place and the correct depth

Minimize material loss

Saves on material that’s usually lost through multiple trips with wheelbarrows or skid steers

Tidy worksite and quicker clean-up

Accurate material delivery leaves little to no mess to clean up

Avoid property damage

Avoids ripping up grass and the client’s property by keeping the truck on the road

What is a Stone Slinger?

A stone slinger is a large truck that delivers building and landscaping material, much like a dump truck. However, unlike a dump truck, which tilts its box to dump a load, a stone slinger uses a hopper and a conveyor belt to accurately throw material where it needs to go.

Using a remote control, the operator can aim and even spread the material to make the final distribution quicker, neater and easier.

Save time & money with a stone slinger

Time is money, which means moving material by hand is expensive

We work with contractors and homeowners to save you hours, even days, of hauling gravel by hand, making your project cheaper.

Stone slinging is ideal for:

  • Foundations, forming and road beds
  • Pipelines and drainage projects
  • Landscape finishing and contouring
  • Erosion and flood control
Stone Slinger Bw
Stone Slinging Icf

Construction stone slinger services

Easier foundation forming and quicker roadbed building with precise material delivery

Commercial Stone Slinging

Landscaping stone slinger services

From pools to erosion control, we help you place your fill precisely and quickly

Stone Slinging Gravel

Agricultural stone slinger services

Quickly finish your flood control, erosion and drainage projects without hours of extra work

Commercial Stone Slinger

Residential stone slinger services

We move material over fences and into tight spaces so you don’t have to rip up your backyard or spend your weekend pushing a wheelbarrow

How It Works

1. Our stone slinger truck backs up as close as possible to your project

2. Using a conveyor belt, we sling material to your designated spot

3. You finish your project ahead of time

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