Concrete Maintenance & Repair

To enjoy your concrete for longer, follow our concrete maintenance guide below. For more information about resealing, concrete lifting and other concrete maintenance services, contact us today.

Concrete Maintenance Guide

Why do I need to maintain my concrete?

  1. Although concrete is an extremely durable, long lasting material, properly maintaining it can greatly extend its lifespan and maintain its beauty.
  2. With proper maintenance, plain concrete can look clean and bright, rather than stained and dirty. Decorative concrete can maintain its lustre after years of enjoyment, instead of becoming faded from stains, dirt and daily wear and tear.
  3. Concrete is a very expensive material and adhering to a proper maintenance plan will help you protect your investment.

How to maintain your concrete

  1. Concrete should be cleaned at least once per year in the spring, ideally in May to remove any dirt, salt and grime build up. This is the optimal time to reseal the concrete as well.
  2. Reseal your concrete every 1 – 2 years depending on its wear. Sealing and periodic resealing of the concrete surface not only reduces moisture infiltration, but also helps reduce staining on the surface of the concrete.
  3. Do not use any de-icing salts or chemicals, instead use sand for traction. De-icing products rapidly melt ice and saturate the concrete with water. When the saturated water freezes again, it can cause permanent damage to concrete, such as spalling and other surface deterioration.
  4. Clear away snow from concrete to avoid both ice-formation and moisture saturation when the ice melts.
  5. Remove spills from concrete as soon as possible using a concrete-safe cleaner. Spills can lead to difficult-to-remove stains, so we advise they be cleaned immediately.
  6. Keep plows from direct contact with the concrete surface. This machine can gouge, scratch and accelerate wear on your concrete.
  7. Use high-grade concrete sealers that will bond to the existing sealer such as an acrylic. This will also bond to similar sealers in the future.
  8. For concrete that is sinking or sloping back into structures, we recommend having the concrete lifted or replaced to ensure proper drainage and avoid any water damage to the surrounding structures.

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Our Maintenance & Repair Services

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Concrete overlay and seal

Concrete foundation repair & waterproofing

Cracks in your concrete can lead to more than just foundation failure – moisture seepage can encourage mold and mildew growth behind gyproc. Ensure your foundation is secure and waterproof with concrete repair and waterproofing services.

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Crack repair

More than just ugly, cracks also allow in moisture which degrades the concrete and the base under it. To keep your concrete stronger longer, get your cracks repaired as soon as possible.

Sealing & coating

Water and fluids can leach into untreated concrete, leaving stains and weaken or crack your concrete. We recommend sealing your concrete every five years to ensure longevity and maintain its beauty.

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Pressure washing

Dirt, grime and moss quickly age your concrete and can be difficult to remove. With pressure washing services from Contemporary Concrete, we can clean your concrete without the use of harsh chemicals.

Surface repair

From plow damage to surface cracking and flaking, old, unmaintained concrete can look messy. We can help bring your concrete back to life with surface repair solutions.

Concrete lifting & levelling

With polyurethane concrete lifting and levelling, we can bring your concrete back to level, affordably.

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